Review - What's New, Cupcake? - Karen Tack & Alan Richardson

Wow, there are undoubtedly some truly adorable and amazing cupcake in this book, designs for every occasion and idea that look super easy, but I hesitate and wonder...has anyone actually attempted any of these recipes, and did they come out as beautiful as the ones pictured? This book does give wonderful tips on the basics of making great cupcakes, like filling liners, frosting, tinting sugars and making basic shapes, not to mention the tons of ideas cooks can use to design shapes and decorate their cupcakes from simple everyday sweets from laffy taffy and M & M's to circus peanuts. There are even great sections like holidays, birthdays and the "April Fool's Play" where you create cupcakes that are meant to look like real food such as pizza and the super cool Chinese takeout. But how many of these recipes are actually edible, or are more show pieces, and do you really want to be eating something that has been touched so much? Some of it looks quite tedious and there are no prep times included in the book (I received an uncorrected proof, if anyone has a final copy pls. let me know if prep times are included and I will gladly redact this statement). All in all this book is organized well, filled with great ideas and well detailed, but are they really as easy to create and use for the regular at home cook?

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