Review - Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs By Writers Famous And Obscure - R. Fershleiser, L. Smith (Editors)

Although the concept of writing one's memoir in six words seems to be a cool and novel idea that can be easily completed by anyone in a small amount of time, and quickly read by millions in an even smaller amount of time, this book is a mixed bag. I say this because at first I was intrigued by this concept and further interested in discovering that this book was a part of a contest, I mean who wouldn't love to see their name in print, right? It's definitely packed full of some really candid, funny, touching and even sad lines. However, after reading twenty or so pages, mostly with five entries on each page, and not knowing any of the identities of the people and what their particular entry really meant, it unfortunately became a rather boring and even a bit repetitive read. Cutting it down by half, or maybe including a bit more famous people or adding a few more visual diversions throughout the book (ie. illustrations of the memoir) may have made it a bit more easier to read.

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