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DelGal's Book Reviews welcomes books from all types of publishing companies and most genres. Small publishers, and first-time authors need not be shy, I am always looking out for the next best book to read, enjoy, and the best part, promote.


I prefer to read books in the categories of general fiction, fantasy, horror, thrillers, chick lit, humor, Young Adult, and memoirs. I will also review textbooks or workbooks in the psychology (specifically addictions studies) or criminal justice field. Note: I hold a Master's degree in Humans Services and Criminal Justice, and have worked in the field of addictions for several years.

I will not read books from the following categories: Christian fiction, romance/erotica, military/war, political, poetry, and some urban fiction.

Please note that I prefer actual physical copies of your book to be reviewed.


Once your book is received it can take anywhere between two and six months for it to be read and a reviewed. Receiving a book does not guarantee a review, however, if this becomes the case, I will try and find another reviewer who may be more suitable to review your book. If you are in need of a quicker review, one that would be completed within two weeks of receiving your book, I do offer an expedited reading service for a small fee which will be partially donated to the local nonprofit, BCI. Please contact me at the below address for further information.


Please note that DelGal's Book Reviews gives honest and fair opinions based on your work submitted. I will not hide reviews simply because I feel it is not a 5 star review. While I am NOT an editor, I do indeed notice poor grammar, or a lack of editing, and will point it out in my reviews. If you are looking for mere promotion, and not honesty, or do not take criticism or suggestions well, please do not request a review. I include a link to the book on amazon via my affiliate program membership, a ten-word synopsis, and a quick review.


All books that I read and review will appear first on the following: - (click here for my profile/reviews) - (click here for my profile/reviews) (click here for my profile/reviews)

I also post reviews on this blog, but please note that due to time constraints, I sometimes may not be able to do a full review, but they will definitely be reviewed with the above mentioned websites. If you would like the review of your book to be posted on any other website, please let me know and I can do my best to accommodate your request.


Once finished with your book, I do not sell, or make any type of profit from it. Books will either become a part of my extensive collection, or it will be donated to Brandywine Counseling, Inc. BCI is a nonprofit "... community organization that provides holistic care to persons and their families living with addiction, mental health, and HIV-related challenges...(and is) Delaware's largest provider of addiction treatment services."


I am open to assisting your book promotion in other means such as book tours, author interviews, guest posts and giveaways.

I complete the majority of my book reviews for free. However, when my reviews are labeled as being from a previous post on the website,, I am given a small monetary token to complete the review in a timely fashion. I also offer a fee based option for those interested, please see my "review time frame" for further information.

If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please contact DelGal at delgalreviews at gmail dot com

Thanks, and I look forward to reviewing your book!

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