Review - The King And Dr. Nick - George Nichopoulos

Elvis' life and controversial death, is explored and explained in this well written narrative told by the one man closest to The King, his personal doctor. Readers looking for another sensational tell-all about Elvis, should look elsewhere, as this book is not filled with flashy, crude, or shocking accounts of Dr. Nick's time with Elvis. Rather it reads more like a simple (yet perfectly organized and filled with many details and photos), heartfelt, doctor's account of the friendship he cultivated over the years he worked for Elvis. However, while it may not be a smutty rendition of a rock-n-roll lifestyle, it does not lack the raw emotions and vivid accounts, both good and bad, of the events that occurred during his lifetime. Readers won't be able to help but feel sympathy and empathy for not only Elvis and his numerous health issues, but for the life of the doctor who valiantly attempted to keep all the plates spinning at once for the person who was continually spinning out of control. Whether or not this version of Elvis' life, and untimely death is completely accurate or not,(some parts are a bit iffy, and don't sound quite right) it is definitely well worth a read.

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