Review - Second Time Around - Linda Faulkner

Timmie Campbell grew up alongside a mother whom she thought was a loving single parent, struggling to support her only child after her father abruptly abandoned them when she was little. Well, that was until dead bodies started mysteriously showing up on her property, one of them oddly happened to be that of her father. But how exactly did he manage to end up revealing himself to her, when he lived thousands of miles away, and what is a woman to do when more bodies keep piling up and it seems as if Timmie's life is being turned upside-down?

Second Time Around has good, page turning plot and just enough of thrilling suspense to keep readers guessing the outcome from the first page to the ending, while also including a bit of romantic turmoil that adds to the overall suspense in the story. There are a few grammatical flaws, and readers may have a difficult time figuring out why this story was given such a title, but this seems to be quite small and insignificant to the otherwise fun, suspenseful plot.

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