Can't Make It To The BEA?

Unfortunately no matter how cool the Book Expo America may be, many of us just can't attend it this year (I understand, I couldn't attend it last year). But why should all those bookie people have all the fun leaving the rest of the book community in the dust?
Well, thanks to some great ideas from a few book blog people, anyone can enjoy the BEA fun!

But how can this happen? Is someone going to press a few buttons to warp everyone interested in attending to the convention New York? Or maybe an anonymous rich donor will send tickets to everyone?

Well, not exactly, but you still can have all the fun of attending the convention, and even better, you don't have to leave your home, in fact, you can participate in all the blogging, interviews, and yes, even cool giveaways, right from your armchair (or other equally comfy sitting device).

Ok, this sounds way cool, but do I have to pay lots of money to do this, sell my first born or give all my royalties from my breakout novel to do this?

Nope, all you have to do to checkout all the cool stuff and action going on at the BEA and network and meet new people is zip on over to Armchair BEA Central. It's free to join and participate and even better, no having to hassle traffic or crowds!

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