Exhausted And Happy!

This week has gone by already in a major whirlwind of activities that has left me tired, but completely happy over all the events that occurred. Here are some of the nifty highlights of this past week:

Book Expo America:
  • I was able to meet and speak with some great authors, which I will be posting about in the upcoming months.
  • I now have a mighty plethora of books to review, so much that I may be reviewing not only until the cows come home, but when they leave again!

Book Blogger Convention:
  • For the first ever BBC, these guys did an awesomely great job! 
  • Attendees received a wonderful swag bag, and were treated to a great breakfast and lunch - thanks to all the authors and donators for this!
  • The day was packed full of great blog related information. I'm excited to try out new ideas that came up during the panel discussions. Check back here to see some in action soon!

Other New York Events:

I was able to spend some time touring the city between attending the BEA and BBC with my wonderful boyfriend (who also doubled as a superior book carrier during the conventions, I can't thank him enough!), that made a great complimentary mix between conventions and touring.
  • We got to see La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway starring Kelsey Grammer - A hilarious must-see!
  • City Sights NY - this double-decker bus, was a cool way to see the entire city, and then some, without having to drive like the rest of the crazies.
  • We even got our celebrity fix in, well ok, so they weren't technically real, but close enough at Madame Tussaud's Wax museum. 

What an awesome week it was! As I mentioned before, I can't thank my boyfriend, Mark, enough for attending these conventions with me this week, despite not being a book blogger. Having him with me was a tremendous help, and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather be with at a convention, or whipping around New York than him.

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