Review - I am Ozzy - Ozzy Osbourne

My Ten Word Synopsis
Drugs, drugs and more drugs, oh and bat biting too.

Ozzy is without a doubt a crazy rocker, and this book details exactly that, from his early years until as recent as 2009, all the craziness he's put himself through. I enjoyed reading about his wildly bizarre antics, and his side of what really happened during his life, especially the infamous events like when he bit the head off of a bat at a concert. Ozzy has a wonderful sense of humor, and has a great knack at telling stories and basically making something serious turn out to be quite hilarious. However, at some point the actual subject matter, which was mainly him getting beyond screwed up on some sort of substance, became a bit boring. Of course I realize that was his life, and I don't believe any editing or anything else would have made the plain truth sound any different or less uninteresting, it's just the way it is. Not to say that this wasn't a fascinating, hilarious journey into the life of a man who worked his way from a poor little town in the UK, to becoming a mega rock star in his lifetime, because it is exactly that, and then some. Finally, potential readers should know that this book is obviously written almost verbatim from Ozzy's words, meaning there doesn't appear to be a lot of fancy editing going on, which is a mixed bag since, on the positive side, this is exactly how he thinks and talks, but then again, it's also filled with British slang and lots of "potty mouth" language...so if you're one who gets easily confused of offended, it's best to avoid reading this.

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