Review - The Way To Stillness: Powerful Tools For Those In The Helping Professions By Gayle Alexander & Anne Alexander Vincent

Since I've worked in the field of substance abuse counseling for several years, I thought this would be a great read for a mental energy boost or spiritual strengthening, especially in those trying times with difficult clients. The author has great insights through her own personal counseling experiences that can assist those in the helping profession, but there's nothing too Earth shattering and new that a seasoned professional hasn't already attempted or experienced. It is however, written well, and specifically Christian readers will appreciate several bible verses and helpful references within the book. Finally, there are some wonderful and inspiring pictures included, but they're placed on every other page, and in this reviewers opinion, is a little bit of an overkill, when fewer placed pictures could have made more of an impact. Overall I recommend this book for those who are newer in the helping professionals, or those who are seasoned but could use a bit of a refresher.

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