Tuesday Time - Teasers & Where Am I?

Since it's Tuesday again, it's time for where am I in reading, and a quick teaser too. I'm taking a bit of a departure from my usual fiction or memoir reading, and trying out a nature/science book.

So where am I today?

A California Bestiary By Rebecca Solnit & Mona Caron

I feel like I'm on safari today since I'm in California, and checking out a few of native animals, including a Bluebelly Lizard, a Chinook Salmon, a Mountain Lion and a Tule Elk to name a few.

The best tease for this book comes from the back cover, it really grabbed my attention and made me want to read/review this book!

"Inspired by medieval bestiaries, in which animals were presented in a fashion that favored the fanciful over the factual, Solnit and Caron have partnered to create their own book of magical beasts one in which the truth is stranger than fiction. Deeply aware of how much animal lore feeds the language of human imagination, Solnit uses her unique literary prowess to describe native California animals in such a way that they become as thrilling as any exotic creature of yore."