Review - Blackberry Banquet By Terry Pierce

This review originally posted on Feathered Quill Book Reviews.

The sweetness of the plump wild blackberries are the yummiest food around in the forest, or so it is for all the woodland creatures, especially the mouse, bluebird, squirrel, fox and deer. They happily come upon a great bush filled with lovely berries and merrily chomp away. "Mmm-mm!" say all the creatures as they indulge in the super yummy treat, until...the big black bear arrives, and things get a bit messy.
Blackberry Banquet is a quick-read children's (ages 4-8) tale, that has a bit of humor, cute animal chewing sounds, and rhymes all mixed into one charming book. The vivid, amusing, and detailed illustrations add to the overall positive, energetic tone, while a few Oregon environmental groups verified the accuracy of this book, which not only entertains, but also educates the little ones. The publisher, Sylvan Dell Publishing, has also included a section in the back of this book entitled 'For Creative Minds' and includes such educational materials as quizzes, facts and recipes. Also, further teaching resources can be located online at the Sylvan Dell Publishing website.

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