Blog Tour - How Clarissa Burden Learned To Fly By Connie May Fowler

Welcome to DelGal's first ever blog tour featuring the book How Clarissa Burden Learned To Fly By Connie May Fowler

The synopsis:
New York Times bestselling writer Connie May Fowler delivers a transcendent novel about one fateful day in the life of a woman on the verge of an extraordinary life change. 

Set amidst the lush pine forests and rich savannas of Florida’s Northern Panhandle, HOW CLARISSA BURDEN LEARNED TO FLY tells the story of one woman whose existence until now has seemed fairly normal: she is 30-something, married, and goes about her daily routine as a writer. However, it is soon discovered that ghosts, an indifferent husband, and a seemingly terminal case of writer’s block are burdening Clarissa’s life.  She awakes on the summer solstice and, prodded by her own discontent and one ghost’s righteous need for truth, commences upon a twenty-four hour journey of self-discovery.  Her harrowing, funny, and startling adventures lead Clarissa to a momentous decision: She must find a way to do the unthinkable. Her life and the well-being of a remarkable family of blithe spirits hang in the balance.  Connie May Fowler demonstrates her keen abilities as a storyteller in this remarkably original novel about an unexpected mid-life awakening. This is an empowering story that will resonate and be discussed for years to come.

Thanks to the Early Birds Blog Tour hosted by Hatchette Book Group I was able to get two quick interview questions in for the author to answer. Here they are:

The Top Five Things About Writing in Florida

5. Forget about getting a suntan! I’m indoors writing 24-7.

4. No one can figure out if your work falls into the Southern Fiction category because most folks don’t realize Florida was a member of the Confederacy. Indeed, the state’s insane Confederate governor shot himself in the head rather than surrender to Union soldiers.

3. Between hurricanes, alligators, female serial killers, environmental battles, and awe-inspiring beauty, my writerly self is never at a loss for words.

2. I live on a sand bar in which the bay is my back yard boundary and the Gulf of Mexico the front yard boundary. We have abundant bird life.Bear and coyote make their home here, as do snakes and turtles.  Dolphins frolic (who needs Sea World, right?). It’s a great place to be creative. Isolation, introspection, and beauty: three things I think every writer needs.

1. I was once told by a Miami-based crime writer that Florida had no literary history prior to “Miami Vice.” Stunned, I stated the obvious: “But that’s a TV show. And what about Zora Neale Hurston, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas?” My friend, without a moment’s hesitation, said, “But they’re women.” At that moment, I wished Ms. Rawlings were standing beside me, her dog at her feet and her rifle in her hand.

I also asked Ms. Fowler to tell me more about "The Clarissa Burden I’ve Got a Secret Postcard Project" and here's her cool answer:

When the novel opens, the heroine ofHow Clarissa Burden Learned to Flyis having a really bad day. In the midst of her travails, she realizes that she spends an inordinate amount of time conjuring spousal death scenarios. She also realizes that she can’t tell a soul. Indeed, Clarissa is teeming with secrets. They contribute to her writer’s block but also fuel her very active imagination.
I wondered how really different Clarissa is from the average Jane or Joe. So I decided to find out and the Clarissa Burden I’ve Got a Secret Postcard Project was born. It’s been truly fascinating. I get about 20 secrets a week. I’ve started posting them in weekly batches on my website (conniemayfowler.com, or go directly to the secrets at http://www.conniemayfowler.com/I_ve_Got_a_Secret_.html I’ve been really humbled by some of them. They are so honest and direct. Some are brimming with hurt, others anger. And some of them are absolutely confounding!

Hope you enjoyed the great interview, and don't forget to check out Ms. Fowler's book, and check back here for a forthcoming review too!

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Connie May Fowler said...

Wow wow wow! Thank you so much for allowing be to post some musings on your blog and for your great questions!

If any book groups are interested in a virtual meeting vial Skype, please let me know.

And if you want to find out more about How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly, log onto www.conniemayfowler.com.

Thanks again!