Weekly Geeks meme time

What a great way to kick off my newly moved/designed blog than to participate in a meme while I'm busy reading some books.

This week's "Weekly Geeks" question is based on burn out from being a book blogger -

If you do (get burnt out), what do you to counter it? How do you keep going? Do you take a break from posts after that, or do you just "soldier on"?
Or if you don't feel burnt out after such weeks, why not? Also why are you a book blogger? From what I've seen and experienced, it's certainly not the fame or the glory that you get. So what is it? Why? Why? Why?

Yes, I do get burnt out as a blogger, but this blog doesn't necessarily burn me out - as I have another personal blog that I post to on a more regular basis. What I usually do is when I get the "blog bug" to write, I write several entries to be posted at a later date so I can rest when I don't feel like writing. As you can see by this blog and my old one, I am indeed a book blogger too even though I tend to post more of my reviews on goodreads.com than I do on here.

Why do I book blog? Well, I enjoy reading, I enjoy writing, so why not spread the fun I have to other people who have the same interests as me? I'm also blogging to document my reading progress too while I read for fun and read for reviewing. If people happen to stop by and read it, I meet friends, and get a little bit known out in blog land, even better!


gautami tripathy said...

I like to visit and also to have visitors on my blog. Burnt out case? No!

Weekly Geeks: Why/What makes us go on?

ladystorm said...

I think sometimes I get overwhelmed more than burned out. Like in December when I do my 25 Days of Christmas book giveaway extravaganza..its fun finding all the authors, but then when you have to put everything up on the blog everyday and not miss a day, etc it gets a bit overwhelming but still fun. :)

reviewsbylola said...

That is a great idea to write some posts in advance so that if you're feeling burnt out, you can just post something you already wrote.