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Booking Through Thursday asks us book nerds this week:

What’s the saddest book you’ve read recently?

The two books I found to be sad that I've read lately would be:

This is a riveting tale of a woman's desperate attempt to find her soon to be step-child after the child mysteriously vanishes while they're walking on the beach.
I believe the author did a great attempt at portraying the sadness, anger and desperation the character felt throughout her journey to locate the missing child.

This book is about the detailed events at Columbine, and although I'm sure I'll get a few people out there telling me once again that this book was made up fiction by the overzealous author, like I did when I reviewed it back a few months ago, I still believe the detailed story is nonetheless sad and horrendous, whether one is to believe it is fact (which I do) or fiction.

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gautami tripathy said...

If you liked this, do read Breathing Out The Ghost by Kirk Curnutt. A super book dealing with missing children.

You can find the review on my blog.

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