A Where Am I? Teaser Tuesday

I'm a self-professed book nerd who likes to read from a wide variety of genres from chick-lit to humor and biographies, but there's nothing I love more than a good scary book. Stephen King scared my pants off when I was young, John Saul followed in his footsteps too when I was a bit older Nowadays I haven't found one author who scares me quite like King and Saul did, but I'm always open for suggestions! This is why I jumped on the chance to read the book, The Harrowing, when I met the author, Alexandra Sokoloff, at the Book Expo America this past May.

Where Am I? I'm in Baird College's Mendenhall - where all the students are currently leaving for their Thanksgiving break.

Teaser:  "She pressed herself back against the headboard, her eyes wide and glazed. The presence leaned into her; her body could feel the mass of something huge and alive, throbbing with malevolence. Invisible breath stirred her hair...and she heard herself whimper like an animal. Then it was gone."