Review - Slightly Above Time - Mark Forti

My ten word Synopsis:
Struggles abound for Alexa, who must save Slightly Above Time.

Slightly Above Time, is packed full of fantasy, whimsy, and not to mention mysterious adventure.
Author and illustrator, Mark Forti, expertly breathes life into a wonderful set of likable characters, including beautiful faeries, anxious sylphs, and scary Oths, and places them in the realm which is not exactly in human "timefulness", but is slightly above it, which includes such areas as Kendlenook Village and Evernaught. Forti also adds another dimension to this tale by including charmingly detailed illustrations sprinkled throughout the book.

Slightly Above Time is a light and refreshing tale of magical adventure that quickly engages both young and old, and whisks them away to another timeless location. The only issue one may have with this tale is that it brings readers to a heart pounding crescendo and leaves readers grasping for more.

I was privileged to meet co-authors Mark Forti and Camille Miller at the Book Expo America I attended in May. I must say that I was quite impressed with Mark's description and enthusiasm for Slightly Above Time, so much that I just knew I'd really enjoy reading the book even before I cracked open the book. The Forti's were also demonstrating their magical Flitter Fairies at the BEA, which are the toy representations of the characters from the book, and are both mesmerizing and super cute. For more information on the book (especially some of the awesome artwork), the Flitter Fairies, contests and more, check out their website, http://slightlyabovetime.com

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