Review - The Lace Reader - Brunonia Barry

The Lace Reader is a well written tale, the descriptions of characters and settings were impressive and made me want to learn more about Salem lace reading, the surroundings, and it's history (even travel there), but there were some serious flaws that made this book quite unlikable. For one, it was hard to follow because of the flip flopping between characters, a few narrators, and the the biggest part, the self confessed unreliable main narrator, Towner. It is very difficult believing in what is going on, and likewise definitely not easy to connect with, or like any one particular character. Not to mention that critical questions were not answered at the end, and left readers dangling, for example, the death of Eva, did she die by accident, suicide, or is she really even dead, or is it all fantasy? There was a great mix of action, devastating domestic abuse, persecutions, mental illness, magic/witchcraft that could have made several great stories, but all smashed together made it confusing, disjointed, even slow moving at times, and basically not a very solid good read. However, with that said, although I do not believe this is a truly awful book, readers don't exactly need to immediately dash out and purchase or borrow this book, it does have it's unusual merits and could be placed on your eventual TBR list, especially if you enjoy the Salem witchcraft, paranormal, "lace reading" kind of story line, but be forewarned, you may get just as confused as I did!

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