A Where Are You, Teaser Tuesday Kinda Day

Welcome to the latest edition of both Teaser Tuesday, and Where Are You Tuesday, featuring:

The Ghosts of Cape May Book 2 By Craig McManus

"Unfortunately, many ghosts wait until we are asleep to try to investigate us!...Should you be (lucky) enough to wake up and actually see a ghost, called an apparition in that case, the first things you should not do is scream!" p 28.

And if you haven't exactly figured out where I am yet this week in reading, I'm in the wonderfully quaint seaside town of Cape May, New Jersey. America's oldest seaside resort, that has many beautiful, old Victorian era homes, some converted into Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, restaurants, shopping and of course, the beach. In fact, I'll literally be visiting Cape May this week for a few days. Who knows, maybe I'll find some of the ghosts, author Craig McManus writes about in his books. I just hope none of them follow me home!


bookwordlover said...

Sounds creepy, but good advice :)

Jan von Harz said...

This sounds very very intriguing. Have fun hunting ghosts.

Alayne said...

Never heard of these books, but great teaser! I have two more teasers this week at The Crowded Leaf.

gautami tripathy said...

Like the teaser! Worth checking out!

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Book Sake said...

I'll have to look for book 1, book 2 sounds good.

My teaser is from Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side at BookSake.