Teaser Tuesday - Creatures of the Night

Since I was away for the Halloween festivities, I didn't get enough of my usual ghoul treats including scary stories, so I'm doing a bit of a catch up. Here's a great creepy scare of flash fiction (1,000 words or less) stories collected in one book by  winning entrants in the Absolute XPress contest. This quote comes from an author, Cynthia Latzko, who hails from the same state I'm in (hooray Delaware!) and is entitled Nightly Appetizers. 

"I sink my teeth into the neck and gleefully suck out the fresh tasty blood. The poor fellow, still writhing in pain and holding onto the last breath of life, attempts his last chance of survival, uttering a hideous squeal to alert his companions of my presence." p. 27.

What a creepy collection of short stories! A good read for all horror fans, but don't read this in the middle of the night!

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celi.a said...

You're right about the dose of creepy - good teaser!

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