Teaser Tuesday

This week's read is from a children's book entitled Chin and the Magic Stones by L. J Salazar

"Chin was cleaning up the mud and debris from some rocks he found around the pond in the garden when he came across one stone that was shining more than any other." p 2

"After a few minutes following the path indicated by the magic stones, Chin and Eagle heard two distinct sounds: kids playing in the distance, and the chant of the shadow minion." p 65


gautami tripathy said...

What is the book about?

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Laura said...

A 10 year-old and his dog embarking in an adventure to face some fantastic creatures. The weapons they have are magic artifacts that work only with positive thinking and self-reliance. Children can learn that if they trust themselves, visualize positive outcomes, and keep a positive attitude the results can be most unexpected, positive, and satisfying. (from www.ChinMagic.com